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Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)

  • How Diatomaceous Earth Works in Our Body
    Many users report increased energy and needing less sleep. This is a result of all the food and nutrients that are taken in being better absorbed into the blood stream. With a coated colon--many nutrients never get absorbed
  • Diatomaceous Earth - Human Use
    Diatomaceous Earth is 89% Silicon Dioxide (Silica), There is no life without Silica !! Lower High Blood Pressure!, Lower high Cholesterol!, My joints feel so much better!! Plus lots more
  • Diatomaceous Earth Benefits
    Major benefits for Silica in Diatomaceous Earth and all the areas of the body that is affected in a positive way for your health.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Testimonials
    You will have to read these testimonies to see how great this is having affects on peoples health with a daily supplement that is so cheap for a dosage that we so desperately need.

Enjoy better health today using Diatomaceous Earth in your daily diet.

 Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb $ 6.95 $ 6.95 a lb  
 Diatomaceous Earth 2 lb $12.95 $ 6.48 a lb
 Diatomaceous Earth 5 lb $17.95 $ 3.59 a lb  
 Diatomaceous Earth 10 lb $25.95 $ 2.60 a lb    

Dosage: 1 heaping tablespoon a day. But start the first 3 -7 days at a 1 teaspoon and see how your system adjusts to this.

How does Diamaceous Earth Work?

Diatomaceous Earth is 89% SILICA.
There is no life without SILICA. (Silicon Dioxide).

In her respected book from 2003, "Water & Salt", Dr. Barbara Hendel makes it clear that:
"Silica it the most important trace mineral for human health!"

SILICA plays an important role in many bodily functions and has a direct relationship to mineral absorption. The average human body wants around seven grams of SILICA, an amount far exceeding the needs for other important minerals like iron. We need more than we normally get. 


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 Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb $ 6.95 $ 6.95 a lb  
 Diatomaceous Earth 2 lb $12.95 $ 6.48 a lb
 Diatomaceous Earth 5 lb $17.95 $ 3.59 a lb  
 Diatomaceous Earth 10 lb $25.95 $ 2.60 a lb    
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