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ORMUS Minerals Ocean Energy Recent Testimonies:

DW of VA

  • Shares of an increase of daily energy
  • Reports of 1st time EVER not needing a new Rx for glasses and the only change she has made is to consistently take Ormus Minerals

 AJ of ID

  • Shares of a return to normal size tonsils after 22 1/2 years of having "enlarged tonsils - Kissing Tonsils"
  • Helped with a foot problem that had hindered her from work which requires her to be on her feet 
  • Shares of a daily increase of energy

 PC of AK

  • Shares of a difference Ormus Minerals have made concerning her Thyroid condtion

 DN of ID

  • A Naturalopathic Dr. reports several cases Ormus Minerals have aided in others having enlarged tonsils return to normal size
  • Also reports that there are clients whose skin conditions have improved while taking Ormus Minerals 
  • Shares of a child sustaining a large buise after a fall on a concrete floor improved the next morning and deminished quicker after applying Ormus Minerals

 RB of ID

  • Shares of how Ormus Minerals helped relieve her recent bout with a Fever Rash that sent her to the ER with 103 temp and 90% of her body was covered with a painful rash. She reported a clearing of the rash in 2 days.
  • Shares how Ormus Minerals helped soothe and aid in the healing of a facial burn from coffee

 BN of ID

  • Repeat customer recent reply "It Works" reports of an increase in daily energy

 JL of ID

  • Shares of the "phenominal difference" Ormus Minerals have made in her ability to be more mobile
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