Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oil Applications


Some of the many usages for Magnesium Oil:


For the Skin: Sprayed on the sun-damaged skin regularly, it will begin to rejuvenate quickly from the inside out.  It also, helps with wrinkles, hair health, and hair growth.


Sports: Magnesium is perhaps the single most important mineral to sports nutrition. Over 70% of the U.S. population is magnesium deficient. This is true especially of athletes. Vigorous exercise results in the loss of critical minerals through perspiration, the most important being magnesium. Adequate magnesium levels will help the body deal with fatigue, heat exhaustion, blood sugar control and the overall metabolism.


Pain Relief: Transdermal magnesium chloride treatments are essential in the treatment of sport injuries and the aches and pains of sore muscles. Magnesium Oil takes it a step further and not only gives instant relief but also works as a natural analgesic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent.


Deodorant: A couple of sprays under each armpit works both as an effective deodorant and to transport magnesium into the body systems through the lymphatic nodes positioned in the armpits. It can also be applied by hand.

Spray/wash feet with it to achieve the same effect.


Dental: As a mouthwash, dilute ¼ tsp into 1oz. of water. Gargle for 60 second. DO NOT SWALLOW. This is excellent for the gums, freshening your breath, strengthens teeth and is excellent for gingivitis. It is magnesium, not calcium, which helps form hard tooth enamel resistant to decay. Not for children under the age of 15.


Natural Immune System Booster: Dr. A. Neveu observed that magnesium chloride has no direct effect on bacteria (i.e. it is not an antibiotic). Thus, he concluded that it had a general immune-enhancing effect, allowing it to be useful against viral diseases, as well.


Memory and Cognitive Function: Magnesium deficiency may lead to decreased memory and learning ability, while an abundance of magnesium may improve cognitive function in children and the elderly.


Other Therapeutic Applications Magnesium Oil:


Compresses - very effective and economical method. Can be used for localized aches/pains, arthritis, wounds, etc.


Baths - effective, but less economical, than a compress. Works on the whole body. (2oz. - 6oz. in a full tub)


Spays - very effective and economical way of getting required doses of magnesium and maintain healthy skin condition.


Body/face wash - 1 Tbsp in 1 gallon of filtered water for general cleaning.

Massage medium - very effective way to deal with muscle aches/pains.


Foot baths (effective and safe, especially suitable for children. Excellent for tired legs, muscle cramps, as well as a way to deliver magnesium to the body).

As part of clay and mud packs - (body wraps, compresses, masks, poultices).


Excellent for the skin and a great way to bring Magnesium to the body.

Low concentrations (1 Tbsp in 1 gallon of filtered water) can be used for nose washes, sitz baths/ vaginal douches to deal with infections, odors, or general cleaning.


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